Greater is Coming



As I commuted to work in the week following Seattle's loss of the Superbowl XLIX, I felt a somber undertone that blanketed the city. Scrolling through my news feed, I found that many of my friends, the fans, and the team had taken to social media to vent their shock and frustration.

As I continued down my feed, I was taken aback when I stumbled upon this tweet by Russell Wilson:

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 3.47.09 PM.png

I also wanted to vent my emotions, but I was inspired to channel them through a different attitude and form. Over the next week, I listened to hours of Les Brown's speeches and collected footage from the season to edit together a piece in hopes of helping the fans get back on their feet. Footage included: SoundFX, NFL UP!, and the Harvey Brothers.

The response from this video has been incredible. During the 2015 season it was widely shared across social media and has garnered over 400k views. My favorite responses have been from viewers who have commented on how the video not only fueled their passion for the Seahawks, but how it made a positive impact in their lives outside of football: