Asian American InterVarsity

UW UNDERGRAD • 2010–2013




Asian American InterVarsity is a student-led, Christian ministry organization at the University of Washington. Founded in 2009, I joined as a freshman the same year the chapter split off from the Multiethnic InterVarsity Fellowship to start an ethnic-specific chapter for Asian American students. 

The community played a fundamental role in the shaping of my personal faith and identity. In turn, I sought every opportunity to apply the things I learned in design school to lay the foundations of the brand identity for the chapter.



Since the group was newly founded, the visual identity was underdeveloped and rudimentary. The visual communication output was wildly inconsistent, as student leaders threw together whatever colors, typography, and visuals they could find at that moment.



During the first year, we were a small group of 30 students so branding wasn't a priority. However, as I witnessed the group double in size year over year – I saw the opportunity to define and leverage branding in order to unify and amplify our outreach.

Today, AAIV is supported by a growing group of talented student designers who continue to shape and cast vision for the visual identity of the chapter.










During the first few weeks of the new school year, thousands of new students wander the UW campus seeking new friends, experiences, and opportunities. This is an opportune time to welcome them to check out our community. 

In order to unify our efforts visually, I created a character whom embodied the spirit of friendliness and approachability.